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Peter Prokop


As an entrepreneurial-minded manager, I am dedicated to achieving tangible results through hands-on leadership. My proficiency lies in team building and management, ensuring the optimal functioning of teams to meet organizational goals while prioritizing the satisfaction of team members.

Embodying a respectful and open-minded approach, I navigate professional matters with a focus on the task at hand, steering clear of personal dynamics. Humor is a vital component of my leadership style, promoting a balanced perspective that doesn't overly emphasize seriousness. I embrace the inevitability of mistakes, recognizing them as valuable opportunities for growth and continuous improvement.

With a strong background in leadership, I have been a key member of management teams in four leading pharmaceutical companies, overseeing five Business Units in Germany and Austria. My experience spans diverse areas, including Primary Care, Special Care, Rare Diseases, Ultra Rare Diseases and Pharmacy Sales. Energetic and highly motivated, I am committed to offering support, troubleshooting, and leveraging my extensive experience to contribute to the success of the team.







As a leader responsible for co-managing a team, it is important to address the challenges that arise from the absence of a directly reporting team leader in a professional and efficient manner. However, the temporary nature of this arrangement often leads to dissatisfaction for both the leader themselves and the team. The leader may struggle to allocate sufficient resources to provide the necessary support, while the team may feel unsupported and isolated, which can have detrimental effects on organizational processes.

In order to maintain a positive and productive work environment, it is crucial for employees and teams to feel supported and valued. This requires strong and consistent leadership that remains present and attentive at all times. Prolonged absence of support can leave deep negative traces within an organization, affecting morale, productivity, and overall performance.

During times of heightened need Senior Interim Management can provide valuable assistance to teams and organizations. My expertise and experience allow them to step in and provide the necessary guidance and support on a temporary basis, ensuring that operations continue smoothly and effectively.


My approach is guided by core values of authenticity, loyalty, and transparency. I believe in fostering an environment where employees and teams feel supported, empowered, and motivated to achieve their goals. By offering timely and expert assistance, I can help organizations overcome challenges and achieve sustainable success.



Interim Senior Management

Is there an open position in your organization’s critical department? Conducting a comprehensive search process for high-quality candidates can be a lengthy endeavor. This can pose challenges for both the organization and the teams directly impacted. The absence of department leadership may result in employees feeling overwhelmed, leading to conflicts among colleagues and hindering collaboration. Additionally, communication with important headquarters positions may be affected, and the department’s interests may not be adequately represented in crucial meetings.

Senior Projectmanagment

Is your team operating at maximum capacity, experiencing elevated stress levels, and a general decline in organizational morale? If crucial projects are struggling to meet the requisite quality benchmarks, consider enlisting the support of an experienced Senior Project Leader. Entrust full project responsibility for a defined period, confident in the knowledge that you have a reliable professional capable of navigating and resolving these challenges effectively.

Business Mentoring 

Leaders who, under unique market conditions, face challenges in achieving their business goals are not inherently poor leaders; in fact, quite the contrary. Frequently, these leaders find themselves grappling with the complexities of the current market environment and personally experiencing the pressures it imposes. Such circumstances necessitate special attention and support for these leaders, aiding them in navigating through challenges while maintaining composure and a sense of control for themselves and their teams.

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In the reality of organizational management, the allocation of fixed headcounts is often subject to centralized regulation imposing limitations on organizations, particularly during periods of heightened workloads. In these situations you find a dependable and adaptable partner that stands ready to assist.


Peter Prokop & DACH-Pharmaconsulting possesses a wealth of experience in the field of the pharmaceutical industry. This extensive background is equipped with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in managing teams and fostering success within the pharmaceutical environment.


By collaborating with me your organization can benefit from knowledge and expertise and I can provide invaluable support precisely when it is most needed. Whether it is addressing challenges during peak workloads, supporting leaders co-managing teams or seeking guidance in strategic projects, I can be relied upon to offer timely and effective solutions.


By working closely with your teams, knowledge can be passed on, your staff can be mentored and empowered them to achieve remarkable results. Through this guidance, organizations can not only navigate through the most demanding of circumstances but also thrive and flourish in the face of adversity.


Unwavering commitment to supporting organizations during critical periods, coupled with their expansive expertise in management and pharmaceutical operations can make DACH-consulting an indispensable asset for any organization striving for success.

Consulting Projects

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